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About Us

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Vietnam Steel Corporation (VNSTEEL) was established on the basis of merging the production and trading firms in Vietnam's steel industry, namely Metal Corporation and Steel Corporation. The birth of Vietnam Steel Corporation is associated with the development history of the country and the metallurgical industry, laying a solid foundation for the development of the domestic steel industry. Currently, VNSTEEL operates under the model of a Joint Stock Company with nearly 40 subsidiaries, join ventures and affiliates.

CEO's message

Over nearly three decades of construction and development, VNSTEEL has produced and supplied to the market nearly 80 million tons of billet and finished steel, accompanying and actively contributing to the innovation of the country. VNSTEEL's enthusiastic spirit has contributed to the construction of perpetual projects, famous steel brands in the market, been the driving force and orientation for the development of the national metallurgical industry, the inspiration and trust for partners and customers.

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Mr. Nghiem Xuan Da

Party committee secretary, Member of BOM, CEO of Viet Nam Steel Corporation

Vision - Mission


Consolidating the position of a leading steel corporation in Vietnam, playing a key role in guiding the development of the national metallurgical industry.


Contributing to build a prosperous society by providing a wide range of superior, prestige and sustainable steel products to the market. Constantly develop to create better values for society and the community, actively protect and improve the living environment.

Core values


Although established in 1995, the history of VNSTEEL is closely associated with the development history of Vietnam's steel industry. Derived from the birth of the first enterprises in the steel industry, namely Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel, Southern Steel in the 60s and 70s, to later well-known enterprises such as Vina Kyoei Steel, Vinausteel, Southern Steel Sheet Co., VNSTEEL Thang Long etc. in the period of renovation and economic opening. VNSTEEL has constantly led and oriented the development of the steel industry, actively contributing to the process of industrialization and modernization of the country.


VNSTEEL people has participated in the construction of the steel industry since the end of the patriotic war and continued to build the steel industry during the renovation and integration process of the country. The development of most enterprises in the industry today is more or less marked by VNSTEEL people, especially the team of highly skilled technicians who have spread across the country to develop the steel industry. In the coming period, VNSTEEL will pay special attention to the human factor, considering this as a decisive factor to compete and develop. We prioritize in selecting and building high-quality human resources, improving working conditions and environment so that every officer and employee could be proud to be a part of the VNSTEEL family.


The old-fashioned operation and slow adaptation in the new time have inhibited the development of VNSTEEL in the past decade. We are actively rebuilding the team and corporate culture to be ready to change, accepting new challenges for better development, aspiring to satisfy the needs of customers and partners.


VNSTEEL commits to providing the market with superior products and services, on that basis, building an equal, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation relationship with customers and business partners.


VNSTEEL wishes to develop in harmony with the surrounding environment and community. We has been increasing the application of modern technology in steelmaking to protect the environment; actively participating in community building and development through programs that support healthcare, education, the poor, people in natural disaster areas etc.; accompanying partners and customers during development; caring and improving the life for officers and employees; improving efficiency to increase added value for shareholders.

VNSTEEL system

VNSTEEL system